Young Living Diffuser Options

Young Living Diffuser Options

Young Living Diffuser Options


The NEW Young Living Premium Starter Kit gives you the choice of multiple diffuser options.  You can choose from the Home, Dewdrop, Bamboo and Aria diffusers.

The chart above compares them based on their coverage area, diffuse time, style, size and dimensions, reservoir size and vapor output.  The diffuser selected determines the price of the kit.

All of the diffusers shown have a light feature that can be turned on or off.  This is great especially for diffusing at nighttime.  Also it is worth noting that some diffusers recommend using distilled water (Home and Aria) while others suggest to use tap water (Dewdrop and Bamboo).

I have always loved the Home diffuser but with the recent purchase of my new kit I selected the Dewdrop.  These are both the lowest price points and I think they work just perfectly, even in my open living room.

The complete Young Living Diffuser Comparison Chart can be found here!

Diffusing is definitely one of my favorite uses of essential oils!

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