Young Living essential oils

November Essential Rewards

Young Living essential oils


My November Essential Rewards order is full of lots of great Young Living products!

Restock of our favorites


A staple on my order every month.   We always make sure we have this blend on hand.


A new favorite for us after our recent use of Raven on vacation.  This oil is soothing and comforting when applied to the neck and throat.  Can be diffused too.


Another must have oil for support of a healthy digestive system.


A great attitude adjuster for everyone.  I wear it on my wrists and over my heart.  I diffuse it to help the whole family!  🙂  This oil will keep you enjoying the crazy busy holiday season coming up.  Read my post on all the ways we use Joy, here!


Cedarwood and Lavender in the diffuser is great for getting a good night of sleep.  Recently I have been grabbing this combination instead of my Peace & Calming.  A completely different scent but still very calming and relaxing.

Cinnamon Bark

Just a restock of this oil for its immune supporting properties.  A great oil for the diffuser with a little orange and nutmeg.  No need for candles when you have a diffuser and a few drops of Cinnamon Bark.

NingXia Red

The Essential Rewards package of NingXia Red is the perfect quantity for us!  It comes with 4 bottles and 30 Single packets of NingXia Red.  We love starting our day with a quick shot of NingXia Red.  It is full of antioxidants.

New Oils

Tranquil Roll-On

This is the first time we have tried this blend.  It is consists of Cedarwood, Lavender and Roman Chamomile in an easy to apply roll on.  Sounds like ‘sleep’ in a bottle for sure.

Jade Lemon

The Jade Lemon is native to China.  Instead of turning yellow at maturity, it remains green which allows the concentration of oil to continue within the fruit.  The oil is not released until the fruit is picked, making it more fragrant.  Jade Lemon is energizing and uplifting and also contains high levels of d-limonene.  Supports clarity of thought and healthy skin.

FREE products

My order qualified for lots of great freebies due to the November promotion.  I also will get an additional 10% back on top of my 20% I normally get for being enrolled in Essential Rewards!

  • Thyromin Capsules
  • Christmas Spirit essential oil blend
  • Ginger essential oil

Read all about the November promotion, here!

Thanks for reading!  Please contact me, if I can answer any questions.

April Masterson





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