January 2105 Young Living Promotions

January 2015 Young Living Promotions!

Happy New Year and Happy 2015!!  There are some great promotions for January!

January 2105 Young Living Promotions


Standard Order vs. an Essential Reward Order

The January promotion leads me to make sure I explain the difference in a Standard versus Essential Reward order.  The promotion varies due to the type of order.  If you are a Retail Customer or Wholesale Member NOT on Essential Rewards then your order is considered a Standard order.  If you are a Wholesale Member signed up on Essential Rewards than your order is considered an Essential Rewards order.

What is Essential Rewards?

To learn more about Young Living’s Essential Rewards program, click here!  You can benefit from all PV levels of the January promotion if you are enrolled in Essential Rewards.

What is Free for January?

190PV Standard Order ~ Spearmint essential oil (5ml)

190PV Essential Reward Order ~ Spearmint essential oil (5ml) and Copaiba essential oil (5ml)

250PV Essential Reward Order ~ Spearmint essential oil (5ml) and Copaiba essential oil (5ml) + $20 enrollment voucher

300PV Essential Reward Order ~ Spearmint essential oil (5ml) and Copaiba essential oil (5ml), a $20 enrollment voucher and SleepEssence Capsules

Spearmint essential oil

Spearmint is a sweeter version of Peppermint.  It supports the respiratory and digestive systems.  This oil is an important ingredient in many Young Living products including Citrus Fresh™, EndoFlex™, GLF™, Ningxia Nitro™, and Thryomin™

Copaiba essential oil

This oil is a great oil to have on hand as it supports the body’s natural response to irritation or injury.  It also supports the digestive system.  We have used it when needed combined with Idaho Balsam Fir and Frankincense to calm the body from occasional discomforts.

$20 enrollment voucher

This voucher is free and transferable to your friends or family that want to become a wholesale member of Young Living with Premium Starter Kit.  This will save them $20 off the $150 Kit (plus tax and shipping.)  This discount code will be on your invoice in the notes section and can also be found in your Young Living account under your recent orders, on the qualifying order.

SleepEssence Capsules

This is a bottle of 30 softgels that help promote a great night of sleep.  SleepEssence contains lavender, vetiver, valerian, and Ruta graveolens essential oils with the hormone melatonin.  It is recommended to take 30-60 minutes before bed.

If you have any questions on this promotion.  Please contact me!

Thank you!

April Masterson




Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read the full disclaimer here.