GeneYus Essential Oil from Young Living



Tonight we start back to AWANA’s.  It is only during the school year and my son loves it.  He gets to go with his cousins, learns stories from the bible and works towards getting jewels on his wings. Oh and they love these little red vests they all wear.  It is super cute.  We are at the point in his book where he has to memorize the 27 books of the New Testament.  So with homework, reading and adding our AWANA’s studies…GeneYus (“Genius”) oil blend is the perfect addition to our oil regimen.

What is GeneYus?

GeneYus oil blend is one of the oils in the KidScents Oil Collection. It is pre-diluted and specifically formulated for children.  This oil is for focus and concentration of young minds.  The oils in this blend are Sacred Frankincense, Idaho Blue Spruce, Blue Cypress and Cedarwood.

How to Use

GeneYus can be applied to the wrists or the back of the neck before they head off to school.  Per the bottle label about 2-4 drops.  Dilution is not required unless you have extremely sensitive skin.  Putting 8-10 drops in a diffuser can also help encourage their focus and concentration efforts.

Happy, healthy learning and living! 🙂

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