Essential Oils Carrier Stick

Essential Oils Carrier Stick for easy Diluting!

Essential Oils Carrier Stick

I am loving my new essential oil carrier stick!  This little gem was shared by a super sweet lady within Young Living that makes sure we all know about the latest and greatest tips and tricks of using essential oils.  One of the first questions I am often asked from new ‘oilers’ is how to dilute their oils and what carrier oils are best. It is really important to dilute your essential oils.  This essential oil stick makes life a whole lot easier.

How to Use:

You just twist off the lid and rub the stick on your skin where you plan to topically apply an essential oil.  Put one drop of your essential oil on top and just gently rub it in.  So quick and easy!  Perfect for use on kids and especially when you are pressed for time.  This solid form of carrier oil versus a liquid carrier oil makes for less mess too.  You don’t have to wash your hands after using and can even carry in your bag or purse.  Essential oils also evaporate pretty quick and with the use of the carrier oil stick you can help maximize absorption of your essential oil.  What is not to love about this carrier stick?  Brilliant, right?!


The Carrier Oil Stick is made with 100% natural ingredients…

  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil

Using, diluting and stretching the life of your bottle of essential oil just got WAY EASY!  You will LOVE it! ❤️

Essential Oils Carrier Sticks can be purchased here!

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