Essential Oils and Nut Allergies

Essential Oils and Nut Allergies!

As a Mom of a child with a food allergy, I know how important it is to research ingredients.  Many allergies can be life threatening and nut allergies top this list for sure.  If anyone is considering making a move to using essential oils to better your health but you are apprehensive because of food allergies or more specific nut allergies…this post is for you!


Essential Oils and Nut Allergies


Young Living Products that contain nuts or nut-derived ingredients

The majority of Young Living essential oils are nut free.  The products that contain nuts or nut-derived ingredients are these listed below.  The few oil blends on the list are because they are in a base of almond oil.  Most bottles of essential oils are really just that…an oil or a blend of oils, no other base.  This list is courtesy of Young Living as of September 2014.

  • 3 Wise Men™
  • Acceptance™
  • Boswellia Wrinkle Cream™
  • Cel-Lite Massage Oil™
  • Cinnamint Lip Balm™
  • Dragon Time Massage Oil™
  • Genesis Hand & Body Lotion™
  • GeneYus™
  • Grapefruit Lip Balm™
  • Hope™
  • Into the Future™
  • KidScents® Lotion
  • KidScents® Tender Tush
  • Lavender Lip Balm™
  • Lavender Volume Shampoo™
  • MindWise™
  • Oola Field™
  • Ortho Ease® Massage Oil
  • Ortho Sport® Massage Oil
  • Present Time™
  • Protec™
  • Reconnect™
  • Relaxation Massage Oil™
  • SARA™
  • Sensation Hand & Body Lotion™
  • Sensation Massage Oil™
  • Slique Bars™
  • V-6 Advanced Vegetable Oil Complex™
  • White Angelica™
  • Wolfberry Eye Cream™
  • Wolfberry Crisp™
  • YL Oola Grow™

Valor and coconut oil

Valor™ is not listed above in the products that contain nuts or nut-derived ingredients, though it does contain coconut oil.  Young Living does not currently have a comprehensive list of products containing coconut oil.  It is believed that coconut does not appear to affect most people who suffer from a nut allergy.  The coconut is a member of the palm family and only distantly related to the tree nut.  If you have any sort of allergy to coconuts or coconut oil, please read the ingredient label in detail on any Young Living products that are of interest to you.  Valor is one of the 11 oils in the Premium Starter Kit.

Most Oils are Safe

Most of the products on the above list are oil blends, lotions and massage oils.  They represent a really small percentage of Young Living products.  There are so many other important oil blends and single oils that are safe.  Actually all of my favorite oils (with the exception of White Angelica), like DiGize, RC, Immupower, Melaleuca Alternifolia, En-R-Gee are NOT on this list.  It is also worth mentioning that ALL the oils in the Premium Starter Kit are nut free (see the information above on Valor and coconut oil) and the most versatile Young Living oils.

Young Living’s statement

This additional information is also provided by Young Living regarding nuts.  “It is possible that products which are not listed are manufactured in facilities which use nuts in product formulations. Though there may be nuts processed in the same facility please rest assured that according to cGMP’s (current good manufacturing practices) the machinery is cleansed and sanitized between products to prevent contamination. If you have additional concerns about the use of any of our products we would encourage you to speak to your health care provider.”

All of the ingredients for each product are available online if you want to look at them in specific detail.  To see the product ingredients, visit and then select “product” link.  You can see a picture of the product, a description, uses and cautions and then a list of the ingredients.

Other Common Allergens

Young Living does have a list of products that contain wheat/gluten but as far as the other common allergens…you would have to look at the supplements and product detail on each item.  As I have mentioned before, my son has a dairy allergy and all the oils and supplements we use from Young Living are completely safe for him.

Sensitivities to Oils

If you would like to do further research on essential oil use, I would recommend the book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Steward, PhD, DNM.  He goes into great detail on the topic of sensitivities to essential oils.  Check out my resource page for more details on this book and many others I recommend.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read the full disclaimer here.