essential oil recipe for sleep

How to Use Essential Oils | Goodnight Sleep!

essential oil recipe for sleep

This little duo of Stress Away and Lavender is a house favorite for our bedtime routine.  After showers and baths, we start the diffuser and ‘oil up’ for a goodnight of sleep.


A great way to benefit everyone is to run a diffuser in the living room in the evening.   I add about 4 to 5 drops of each oil.  For our bedrooms, I like about 2-3 drops of each.  It smells really good and is perfect for winding down and relaxing.


One drop of each oil on your wrists, neck, behind the ears or the bottom of the feet.  For super fast and easy application, combine Stress Away and Lavender in a roll-on bottle with a carrier oil and apply.

If you ask my little guys what their favorite essential oil is…they both will say ‘Lavender.’  Kiddos love essential oils too!  Stress Away and Lavender both come in the Premium Starter Kit of everyday oils.

Goodnight, sleep tight, and sweet dreams!

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