Essential Oils added to drinks

Citrus Vitality Oils in a Vodka Tonic

Essential Oils added to drinks

Happy Friday!! 🎉 Whatever your favorite weekend cocktail may be…add a citrus vitality oil to make it super easy to prepare.

An Oil Moxie member shared her simple Vodka Tonic recipe.  Start with a glass full of ice, add one shot of vodka, fill the rest with tonic and a drop or toothpick swirl of your favorite citrus vitality oil.

Try a ‘skinny piña colada’ with a Coconut La Croix, rum and again a drop or toothpick that has one drop of Lime Vitality on it and swirl it around in your piña colada.

The citrus vitality oils are perfect for any type of drink! Cheers!

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