Young Living Essential Rewards

August Essential Rewards!

My August Essential Rewards order is here and I am sharing what I ordered!

Young Living Essential Rewards



A must have for us as we head into a new school year.  Lots of love for this infamous oil.


Another oil we use everyday.  Using it to soothe skin this week with animal scents ointment layered on top.  A great oil to help you unwind at the end of a long day.


We have been putting Peppermint behind the ears for my new bus rider this week.  It is great digestive support.

White Angelica

This oil has been a life saver.  I can honestly say my son starting school has haunted me for years.  I almost could not think about it without feeling sick.  There were no tears by anyone, just excitement for the new adventure and I know this oil and lots of answered prayers were the trick.  It makes you feel a sense of confidence and security.  These two major things for a little guy and Mama experiencing lots of new things.

White Fir

I am thinking I may try diffusing this oil.  Sometimes I like to do this when I have not used an oil before to see how I like the smell and how it makes me feel before putting it on my skin.  The scent from the bottle is clean and outdoorsy.

Eucalyptus Blue

I am planning to tuck this little gem away for future use.   Great to have on hand for calming.  Can be used topically or aromatically.


This oil we use on the bottom of the feet for time to time to induce sleep.  Lots of activity at our house lately, racing minds, new experiences.  Having a good night of sleep is always helpful.

Lavender Lip Balm

We are all loving this lip balm.  I got a few to place around the house.  I keep saying I am going to try the Grapefruit and Cinnamint and I will, but I just love the Lavender!

NingXia Red

Our NingXia Red is not pictured but still a part of our monthly order!  We will probably even increase how much we are currently drinking as additional immune support for the upcoming season.  Lots and lots of antioxidants in this amazing drink.

Essential Rewards and Out of Stock items

I got some staples in my order this month but I was hoping to stock up on a few other of our favorite oils…RC and Immupower.  They were out of stock at the time of my order.  So this is my plan and why I am glad to be on Essential Rewards.  I am going to keep enough Essential Reward points to order what I need as soon as I see these oils become available.  This will keep me from having to wait until my Essential Reward order (when in the meantime they could go back out of stock) at the beginning of the month.  Being on Essential Rewards definitely has A LOT of perks!!  I can always dilute what I have if I have to stretch them, too.  Additionally there is a list of oils to use in place of oils that are out of stock.  It is all about PLANNING and stocking up with the oils you can’t live without.  You just can’t rush mother nature!

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