April Essential Rewards

April Essential Rewards!

My April Essential Reward order is here!  This month my order was a lot of the oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit (I ordered 6 of the 11 oils), they really are still some of our most frequently used oils.

April Essential Rewards



I always keep a bottle of Thieves on my order.  We LOVE Thieves!


We use Lemon for lots of things.  I use 1 drop in a large bowl of water to wash my produce.


Super versatile oil and a house favorite.  Great soothing support for the skin too.


Peppermint is another must have oil in our house.   I like to make my own Peppermint mocha with a toothpick swirl of Peppermint oil in my coffee with a little dark chocolate almond milk!


This oil is a favorite diffused at night with Lavender.  When I go in my sons room during the day while he is at school…his room still smells so good from this combination diffused the night before.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil has been repackaged with the name Tea Tree oil instead of Melaleuca Alternifolia.  Definitely an easier name to remember, say and spell.  🙂  Tea tree oil also has many uses but we most commonly use it to support the skin.  Great to have on hand as we head into the spring and summer months.

Citrus Fresh

This oil blend is like a breath of fresh air.  It is uplifting and a perfect oil to diffuse.  It just smells like spring.  I recently cleaned out a little corner of a cabinet with my last candle items and passed them along as I just never use candles anymore.  I am obsessed with my diffuser and endless oil choices and combinations.

Peace & Calming

When I put this on my order I did not know it would be my last bottle until early fall.  Due to weather conditions the harvest was significantly lower for some of the botanicals in this blend.  So we will use this oil sparingly over the upcoming months.  It does smell amazing and it is what it says…Peaceful + Calming!

NingXia Red

Starting the day with NingXia Red is something I love to do.  It tastes so good and has many health benefits.  My little guys love it too, especially my 3-year-old.  He says, “Mom, did I have my Ninja Red today? I need it.”   Our bodies crave it.

What was FREE!

My order qualified for the April Essential Rewards promotion, so I received a 5ml bottle of Wintergreen and Lavender.  Also, a 3-pack of Thieves Spray.  Thieves Spray is so convenient to spray down just about anything, i.e. backpacks and surfaces.

There are lots of benefits to the optional Essential Rewards program with Young Living.  If you find yourself purchasing something on a regular basis, don’t miss out on getting free products in this program.






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